- Bibliographical references

Bibliographic references should include the author of the publication, the title of the article or book, the paper writer web page, the publisher or scholarly journal, the date, and sometimes the exact pages on which the information was taken.

Scientific essay parts

A scholarly essay is characterized by seeking to disseminate information in a formal manner, with an emphasis on depth and objectivity of content. The main parts of a research essay are as follows:

- Title page

The cover page of a scholarly essay should include the title of the work, the name of the institution that supports said research, the name of the author of the essay, and the date of publication.

With regard to the title, in the case of scholarly essays, it should be as explanatory as possible so that readers quickly understand what the topic developed in the essay is.

- Index

The list of contents should appear in the index, organized schematically to facilitate the reader's search. This element may or may not be part of a research essay; when essays are published on the Internet, they often do not have an index.

- Summary

The summary of a research essay is very important as it offers condensed information about the most important aspects of the research.

In the summary, the reader can quickly learn what the goals of the research were, why it was important, what methodology was used, what experiments were conducted, or what the results were. The summary allows the reader to understand firsthand the importance of the essay's content.

- Introduction

Sometimes it can be confused with the abstract; however, the introduction is a separate element that represents the presentation of the topic developed in the essay.

Through this element, the aim is to awaken the reader's interest in the content of the essay, as well as to highlight the relevance and impact of the information contained within. In other words, it is very important to contextualize the issue being discussed so that write my lab report the reader understands that this is a subject that affects them, to a greater or lesser degree.

The introduction briefly states the main objectives of the study as well as the hypotheses raised. The writing of the introduction should invite the reader to continue reading without giving too much information that makes the reader feel that they no longer need to read the essay.

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